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Who Am I... and How This All Happened?

One day, I learned that I was the “Happiest Person in America” based on a substantial Gallup/Healthways study.  So Who Am I?? 

Some of My Vital Statistics that matched the Gallup statistical profile for the happiest person in America:

I am 73 years old

I’m 5-foot-10-inches tall, Asian-American

I am married with two-children in their 30’s

I am an observant Jew

I live in Hawaii

I owned a health care management firm in Hawaii

I have a positive attitude and feel pretty fortunate.

I am comfortable laughing at myself

Now why are these “vital stats” so significant?  These were the key factors in the 2011 Gallup poll that determined that I fit the exact profile of the Happiest Person in America.

Learn My Secrets to Happiness

I always felt pretty happy, but the moment where someone calls you up and tells you that you are the “happiest person in America,” well, you just don’t forget that kind of thing.  No doubt this also changed my life.

Soon I was giving dozens of interviews and the interviews just kept coming.  Everyone wanted to learn my secret.  What was it about Alvin Wong that made him so happy?  All I could do was tell people more about me, my philosophies, and my thoughts on how people could strive to be happier.

I did discover something very interesting during all of the interviews… I realized that I really enjoyed sharing my thoughts and philosophies on happiness with others.

Upon being named the “Happiest Person in America,” it occurred to me that it was fantastic to have such a great opportunity to help others be happy as well.  In fact, I just couldn’t believe the good fortune.  In a truly amazing and welcomed twist, being named the “Happiest Person in America,” in fact, made me happier as I could feel the satisfaction of helping others.

Today, I do a good deal of public speaking where I share my thoughts on happiness and how people can get more of it in their lives.  If you want to book me for a speaking engagement, visit the Book Me page!  Also please visit My Happiness Blog to learn more “secrets” about happiness and to discuss your experiences and opinions.

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ABC News Story

One day, I learned that I was the “Happiest Person in America” based on a substantial Gallup/Healthways study. I’m an average married man with two kids that lives in Hawaii. Watch the video to see the story or click the button to learn my secrets!

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